Five leadership qualities that’ll impress any employee

Eden Gillespie

Often employers expect a lot of their employees but forget to reflect on what their staff desire in a boss and leader. Forming an alliance with your staff is key to ensure business runs smoothly.

For an employee to feel valued and respected, the leader must have a few fundamental attributes.


Most people can tell when they’re being lied to and will feel slighted by lies, resulting in them being unable to trust you as an employer.

There should be zero-tolerance for sweeping mistakes under the carpet. Be honest about your slip-ups and in turn, you’ll encourage employees to do the same.

They say people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses, so being honest to your staff will at the very least gain their respect.


Being able to bounce back from business meltdowns is what separates a good boss from a bad boss.

People need reassurance that the company is safe under your leadership and that they can rely on you to stay financially afloat.

Instead of complaining when things go wrong, focus on how you’ll endure the rough patches. Practice a knowing sense that things will improve.


Innovation is what inspires employees to contribute to a business, and is also what drives and inspires them.

While your role might not include brainstorming business strategies, encouraging creativity and innovation will give an air of excitement to your company.

You’ll make it the kind of company that people would die to work for, ala Google, where even dogs are welcome at work.


People skills are a must for any business leader. Putting the effort into chatting with your employees and getting to know them will entrust a sense of company loyalty and family.

Also – having the ability to give feedback constructively and concisely will prove paramount to running a successful business.


Passion is the main ingredient to improving staff morale. It’s what drives and inspires workers to put in the extra work, pull some long hours where required, and dedicate years of their lives to your company.

If you showcase your passion, it’s likely to rub off on your employees and create a positive work culture.

Asking what your employees need in you is just as important in discovering what you’re looking for in your staff. Often you’re seen as the figurehead of the company and so your attitude says a lot about the business and translates to work culture.

Perhaps it’s time to reflect on how you can lead your team more effectively and make it your New Year’s Resolution.

Eden Gillespie

Eden Gillespie is a Sydney-based freelancer who writes about politics, travel, media and marketing.

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