Five ways to create a good work-life balance

Taryn Williams

Balance, to me, is important in all aspects of my life – it doesn’t simply relate to just “work” and its counterpart “lifestyle”. If something is unbalanced, it will inevitably become unstable or unmanageable, most likely leaving you with a mess to clean up after, be that mental, physical or spiritual.

I’ll admit, finding balance is really hard, and something I have certainly struggled with. When you own a business or two, there’s always something to do, but I’ve also learned how important re-energising is for my overall state of wellbeing.

While you might find your “me” time differently, I’ve found it strongly ties back into my concept of delegating: What is the best use of my time, skills and abilities?

Use time wisely

Burnout is a real thing that can happen to anyone, and using your time effectively is key. It’s about making sure that when I am working, I am working at full capacity – not letting myself get distracted or juggling multiple tasks at once. This can mean: not wasting time on social media, returning all phone calls in one block, and setting agendas for every meeting to make sure they are concise and efficient. This leaves more time for downtime.

I learned early on to not make myself guilty about things. Rather, to make a decision and commit to that, wholeheartedly.

Be present

I insist on being “present” wherever I am, whether that is with work, with family and friends or exercising. That might mean you have to make some rules for yourself, like no phones at the dinner table – I rarely use a mobile on weekends, and I’m fully focused on what I am doing.

Don’t carry guilt

I learned early on to not make myself guilty about things. Rather, to make a decision and commit to that, wholeheartedly. Carrying guilt can seriously affect your wellbeing, so if that means staying back at the office late and missing a friend’s birthday, then make that decision, commit to it and don’t feel guilty.

Training the body and mind

Training plays a number of important roles in my life. I get up at 5.45am each day to ensure I get some quality time in the gym and still get to my desk early.

This get the endorphins pumping so it helps keep me in physically good condition so I can do my job to the best of my abilities. Mentally, it helps me learn techniques to push through boundaries and achieve goals, as well as being a great way to manage stress.

Rejuvenate and re-energise

I know I need alone time in order to rejuvenate and re-energise. I read every night before bed, which I find relaxing, but it’s also a great way to learn and expand your knowledge base. I love biographies and autobiographies.

I also try to schedule one overseas trip per year to somewhere unique that will help expand my mindset. Previous trips have included Korea, Sri Lanka and India. I always obtain a new perspective and really feel I grow personally and have added value to my life.

At the end of the day, I really do believe in the concept that great ideas come from having time off. This means my workdays are efficient and productive, not managed poorly, and my “me” time is spent wisely.

Taryn Williams

Taryn is the founder and managing director of WINK Models as well as co-founder and chief executive of TheRight.Fit.