Four foolproof tips to help maximise email marketing

Neha Kale

The rise of the email newsletter is among the greatest marketing assets of the digital age. If you’re a small business owner, sending a well-crafted email newsletter to your customer base on a weekly basis can work wonders for engagement, conversion and sales. It’s also highly cost effective. But sparking a genuine connection with an audience that’s often bombarded with marketing messages can pose serious challenges. Here are four foolproof tips for supercharging your email marketing.

Use a personalisation token in your subject line

It’s common knowledge that writing a short, sharp subject line that’s tailored to stand out in an inbox can inspire a recipient to hit “open” rather than “delete”. However, personalising your subject line by including your prospect’s name can increase your click-through rate from 5.8 per cent to 7 per cent, according to Hubspot’s 2014 Science Of Email Marketing Report. Luckily, email marketing providers such as Mailchimp include “personalisation tokens” that allow you to personalise a header in a couple of quick steps. It’s a fuss-free strategy that’s guaranteed to reap results. 

Time your newsletters wisely

There’s no point sending out a compelling piece of inbound marketing if your audience has no intention of checking their emails that day. Same goes for scheduling your newsletter at 5.30pm on a Friday or before your potential customers arrive at work. Conducting A/B testing can help you optimise your delivery times and ensure your efforts aren’t in vain. It’s worth noting that a 2013 study by GetReponse found that 17 per cent of all newsletters are sent on a Tuesday, making it the most popular choice. Emails set on a Tuesday also sparked the highest click-through rate.

Measuring your campaign can give you powerful insights into what’s working and what’s not.

Make videos part of your newsletter

Including a short video as part of your newsletter may sound time-consuming, but it’s also a powerful tactic for getting your message across. Although most email clients don’t let you embed video in your template, taking a screenshot of a favourite clip, uploading an image and including a hyperlink can boost conversion by 24 per cent, according to July 2014 statistics by GetResponse.

Measure the success of your campaigns

Unlike traditional marketing channels, the effectiveness of your email newsletters can be simply measured, monitored and tracked. Whether it’s analysing click-through rates in Google Analytics by tagging links with UTM tags or using your campaign software to assess the power of a new subject line, measuring your campaign can give you powerful insights into what’s working and what’s not.

From adding video to your newsletter to sending it at an optimal time, there’s no shortage of ways you can turning a lacklustre email campaign into one that’s front of your audience’s mind. What are your pro tips for better email marketing? 

Neha Kale

Neha Kale is a freelance writer and editor who covers business, technology, arts and culture for publications in Australia and overseas.