Four types of business you can start without money


If you’re absolutely set on starting a business but not exactly sure what it is you want to do, you probably think it’s an intimidating prospect. Because of course – everyone needs a slick website and you’ll have to source a whole heap of capital from somewhere, right? Then, of course, there’s the risk; the fear of failure and potential loss that goes with it. Well – it doesn’t necessarily have to be that hard – not if you’ve got a few skills and a solid work ethic to complement them. If you’re happy to keep it simple, here are some great ideas to consider; and no, you’re not going to be the next best tech start-up or latest industry disruptor, but where there’s demand, there’s money.

Sell your expertise

If you have particular skill, why not monetise it? There’s so much scope in this area, it would be pointless to list all the options – after all, it depends on your individual education and experiences. But here’s some ideas to get your mind ticking over: Do you have a second language you can teach to others, or, maybe you’ve been at the helm of your employer’s social media channels for the last few years and have become an expert without even realising it. Whatever it is, there’s opportunity to sell  it and there are plenty of platforms out there to help you get yourself out there; for example Upwork, freelancer or TutorsField – to name only three of many.

Offer a service

So you don’t have a particular skill you can montetise – fear not – maybe you’re just a hard worker who’s never afraid to get your hands dirty. Why not try garden maintenance, window cleaning, painting, general repairs or even pet sitting – the list could go on but you get the picture. And of course, as always, the world of online is there to help with websites such as ServiceSeeking to connect you with customers.

Make something

Perhaps you have a hobby that’s been confined to your own free time, until now. Now could be the time to put it into mass production (almost). It might be restoring old tired furniture you’ve picked up from a garage sale for a few dollars, or maybe you’ve been supplying your friends and family with first-class cakes for every occasion out of the goodness of your heart; whatever it is, put your full time an effort in and start charging – and you could find yourself a tidy revenue.     

Resell a product

For those who don’t have a particular talent of their own or the time to create their own products; why not resell someone else’s. That could be anything; from a piece of furniture you’ve seen in abundance on your travels that doesn’t exist in your home market (Balinese statues have already been done), to vintage clothing or food hampers. Once you’ve found your product and supplier, websites such as eBay and Gumtree can help you find the customer.  

How to maximise the freedom and flexibility of your business

Technological acceleration has seen business owners aim to combine a versatile lifestyle with their professional ambitions.