Here's five businesses you can run on the side


Sometimes it’s not always realistic, necessary or even possible to throw yourself into a new business venture full-time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. These ideas could provide a great opportunity to test the entrepreneurial waters while injecting a bit of extra cash into your account.

Pet sitting

Cats, dogs, birds, goldfish and any of the other common domestic pets can’t feed and exercise themselves when their owners take a holiday. And none of them need a watchful eye 24/7 (behaviour permitting). Whether you invite them into your own home or drop into your client’s property after work, you can easily squeeze these responsibilities around another full-time job. 

Cake/sweet making

Cakes, pastries and other sweets are a focal point for many events and celebrations, but it’s not always easy to find high quality, hand-made products on-demand. There’s definitely a market here for anyone with the skills (and it doesn’t take all day to make a cake!) So this could be a great way to monetise what was once an evening or weekend hobby. The best part – you can take as much or as little business as your time will allow.

Web designing

Most startups and small businesses today need to exist in the online space to access their market and be taken seriously, but very few of the leaders behind them have any idea how to build one. With these highly sought after skills, you can easily offer your services on a freelance basis. And there are plenty of platforms to help you do that. Much like anything else, you can take on as much or as little as your free time will allow. But be careful not to promise anything other than realistic deadlines – you might want to dip in an out of a project, but clients will still expect the finished result on time.


Typically provided to school or university students, or even professionals looking to upskill, you could be using your hidden talents in maths, languages, science or music to give others the leg up they desperately need. You’ll most likely have to make time for this outside your usual nine-to-five regime because your services will be required to fit in around the daily schedules of tutees. Hence the term ‘extra tuition’. 


This could be any service that time poor home or building owners are looking to outsource and there are plenty or online platforms to advertise your availability, such as Airtasker and Time is not of the essence when it comes to cleaning, gardening or general repairs – as long as it gets done. Businesses that provide these services, just like some of the above, can take as much as they please and fit around any schedule.