How a simple how-to video drove my turnover to $1m in six months

Kate Jones

Uploading a video to YouTube was one of the best business decisions John Sanders ever made. In six months it boosted his company’s turnover to one million dollars and has kept the money rolling in ever since. Check it out here:

The simple how-to video of Sanders cleaning an air-conditioning unit has racked up more than 110,000 views since it was posted in March 2014. It instantly propelled Sander’s air-conditioning cleaning company, HydroKleen, into an international market without any spending on marketing or advertising.

“After we posted the video we started getting bombarded,” he says.

“We just got absolutely whacked with enquiries – not only locally, but from around the world.”

“We weren’t geared up to deal with overseas market but it got to the point we were getting so many enquiries we’re going to have to do something about this because we were turning business away.”

Sanders and his Queensland-based team began the complex process of setting up a global arm of the business. They translated their marketing material into six languages and began selling exclusive licencing rights to international buyers from Hong Kong to New Zealand.

From a social media point of view, it just shows you how powerful a simple little video clip can be.

The prices of the licences depended on the climate of the country and demand for air-conditioning cleaning, varying between $150,000 and $294,000.

Best of all, the company continues to field at least five enquiries a day from overseas parties on the back of the YouTube clip.

“From a social media point of view, it just shows you how powerful a simple little video clip can be,” Sanders says.

“Cleaning air-conditioning is not mainstream, but obviously [people] have a need for it and I guess it was the best thing we ever did, to stick it up there.”

With the exception of website development, Sanders has spent little on marketing or advertising, instead relying on the popular YouTube video to keep reeling in customers.

He has, however, invested in more professional online video content. HydraKleen now employs seven full-time staff in Philippines, including one worker to create online videos.

Online videos are widely tipped to be the future of online marketing. YouTube has more than one billion users – up 40 per cent since March 2014.

IT giant Cisco predicts video will soon dominate internet usage with video accounting for 69 per cent of consumer internet traffic by 2017.

Kate Jones

Kate Jones writes for the business and money sections of The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. She also writes for The New Daily, TAC, RMIT and is a news writing tutor at Monash University.