People Post is looking to shake up the courier industry

Jan Vykydal

It seems like there are a lot of businesses popping up that get referred to as “the Uber of…”

The most recent of these in Australia is People Post, a disruptive business that targets the courier industry. The new company operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth, and uses a share economy model much like Uber’s.

The company says its business model offers users access to couriers who operate 24 hours a day all year long, and senders can post jobs, track package delivery progress and rate their favourite couriers via the company’s online platform.

“The rise of Sharing Economy is rapidly changing the way we use traditional services such as personal drivers and accommodation, and is successful because these services are outdated and don’t answer modern supply and demand needs,” said co-founder Wayne Wang in a media release.

To make sure packages arrive safely, People Post tracks courier ratings, and when a package is delivered, the recipient signs for it, which is visible instantly to the sender via the company’s app. In addition, people can request security bonds on specific packages.

The rise of Sharing Economy is rapidly changing the way we use traditional services such as personal drivers and accommodation.

The way those bonds work is only couriers with enough money to cover the bond in their People Post account can bid on the package. When they get the package, the bond is locked in their account, and when the package is delivered, the money is unlocked.

Runners operate in subscribed areas, and when a package becomes available, couriers in its location are notified.

One perk of People Post’s system is it’s faster than traditional courier services, since packages aren’t required to go through any sort of centralised depot. Setting up an account as a runner is done via a smart phone. The whole thing is done via the app, actually, and People Post’s site has more detailed instructions for those wishing to become couriers, which can be found here.

Senders use the company’s web app to fill in the pick-up and drop off addresses, fill in the details about the package, make their payments, and that’s that. As long as whatever’s being sent doesn’t violate any local regulations or laws, you’re good to go.

People Post uses technology and crowd sourcing to provide a “fast, reliable, value-for-money solution, eliminating frustrations commonly experienced when using traditional courier services”, Wayne said.

Jan Vykydal

Jan is a Sydney-based writer and editor whose work has been published in a stable of titles including the National Post, The Daily Planet and Edmonton Examiner. He is currently Editor at ShortPress.

Image: Martin Reis, Flickr Creative Commons license