Three free productivity apps that entrepreneurs should download right now

Neha Kale

Few things impact small business success like the ability to get time on your side. Whether you’re punching client deadlines or solving cash flow dramas, mastering your personal productivity can help you become more profitable.

Luckily, the digital era has given rise to a wave of free productivity apps designed to take the pain out of entrepreneurship and streamline your professional life.

Here are three apps that every small business owner should download right now.


When you’re juggling multiple projects, knowing what to prioritise can help you kick serious goals. Unfortunately, project management software can be expensive and time-consuming, cutting into the time you’ve set aside to complete your work.

Trello, a simple productivity app that lets you create a category of tasks and move individual to-do items into sections marked “doing” and “done” can help you organise your workflow, visualise your project and track your progress over time. You can also skip unnecessary emails by sharing lists with collaborators and syncing the app over your smartphone, tablet and desktop.


Do you find yourself scrambling for paperwork during a business trip or struck with a brilliant idea for your business when you’re parking your car? Evernote, is a wildly popular cross-platform app that lets you scan and store expense receipts, clip webpages and collate reference material in one location and doubles as a central repository for your business.

But unlike most productivity apps, Evernote is much more than just a list manager – it incorporates a powerful search function that lets you tag pieces of content and retrieve them whenever you need. If you’re prone to storing receipts in a shoebox or losing important contracts, it can set the stage for accurate and effective record-keeping and save you precious hours.


When you’re a small business owner, the health of your company depends on your commitment to setting and reaching goals. However, fears about the future can often lead to stress and anxiety – a fact that can hamper positivity and productive habits.

Winstreak is an easy-to-use app that invites entrepreneurs to record their three biggest achievements every day. And although setbacks and disappointments might be inevitable, focusing on your accomplishments will work wonders for your motivation levels. It can also help you identify the opportunities worth embracing, as soon as they strike.

From apps that prioritise your workload to those that let you record your professional highs, it’s easier than ever for business owners to maintain a productive and positive mindset.

What’s your favourite productivity app and why?

Neha Kale

Neha Kale is a freelance writer and editor who covers business, technology, arts and culture for publications in Australia and overseas.

Image: Karlis Dambrans, Flickr Creative Commons license