Why it pays off to work closely with your team

Alex Louey

At the heart of our business is a close-knit team that understands the value of collaboration and works to everyone’s strengths. My role as managing director is to build and cultivate this atmosphere, which I do by physically positioning myself alongside the team in the trenches (by trenches I mean our digital hub tucked away in the heart of the Melbourne CBD). It’s a decision that has served the business well, with our team growing to almost 200 employees in five years.

At Appscore, unity is central to the way we do business, so when we grew large enough to move into our current office space I insisted on there being no walls to allow for the free flowing of ideas and information. You will often find me huddled around a computer with some of our talented design team, or at my desk nestled amongst the others that line the office floor.

Your team will work faster

By adopting this approach we have been able to streamline time-consuming processes, which results in faster, more efficient turnaround times for our clients. If someone has a question or an idea, we simply walk over and discuss it. We know firsthand that in the fast moving game of technology every second counts, and a sense of urgency is what keeps us competitive and in demand. A number of our clients are large government departments and ASX companies, and on many occasions we have won tenders due to fast response times and innovative ideas.

The money that would have been spent on unnecessary office structures has instead been put to good use on training programs.

It’s transparent and competitive

Working side by side promotes fairness and transparency. It also encourages a situation where employees want to excel and often end up motivating each other to perform better. It’s worth noting, however, that such closeness in a competitive environment isn’t without its challenges. While we’re trying to come up with the best possible solutions, there’s bound to be differing ideas and ways of doing things. Over the years we have built a strong leadership team whose responsibility it is to manage any situations that arise and promptly drive them towards resolution and outcome.

It’s cheaper

Our focus on breaking down divides and bringing our team together is also a very cost-effective way of doing business. The money that would have been spent on unnecessary office structures has instead been put to good use on training programs and making sure we’re a considered an employer of choice.

Pizza lunches and hip-hop Fridays aside, our team hits the ground running when it counts and there is no doubt that this collective drive stems from the collaborative, open office culture that we have built. As a major partner to Telstra and with clients including Mercedes Benz, Nestle and BP, our developers, designers and creatives have all found a way to come together and there is no better place for me than right in the middle of it.

Alex Louey

Alex Louey is the co-founder and managing director of Appscore.