How to combine business and leisure

Neha Kale

If you’re a small business owner, few things can feel as luxurious as taking the time to unwind. But running your own business can also mean being chained to your inbox – a state that drains your energy and inhibits new ideas.

Incorporating leisure into your next business trip offers the opportunity to meet your professional commitments while reaping the benefits of time off to explore a new place. Here are four top tips for combining business and travel.

Make the most of layovers

Layovers are often seen as an inconvenience but they can also let you make the most of an overseas trip. If you’re traveling to meet an international client, extending your stopover to spend a night in an exciting new city can refuel your inspiration levels at no extra cost.

If you’re waiting in airport, why not skip the business lounge and spend a few hours navigating the local sights? The best business breakthroughs can happen once you’ve moved outside your comfort zone.

Use loyalty programs to your advantage

Many hotel groups offer loyalty programs with perks such as complimentary gym access, spa treatments, room upgrades and additional nights. Registering your business travel with a hotel you frequent for business can help you squeeze the most out of your stay.

From getting a massage in between meetings to scheduling a morning workout before you punch the time-clock all day, capitalising on hotel deals can boost your productivity or help you find time to relax.

Take your family with you

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s challenging to juggle the demands of your business with your personal life. However, taking your partner or family on your next interstate trip can allow your loved ones to make the most of accommodation in new city while you’re working and catch up on quality time with you once you’re done for the day.

Keep a travel diary for tax purposes

Although combining business and leisure can be productive and cost-effective, it’s important to log your activities so you don’t create tax issues down the track. Make sure you file every receipt and itinerary and record your business activities – as well as the hours you’ve allocated for personal time – to cover all your bases.

From getting more mileage out of your layovers to factoring in time to rest, combining business and leisure can work wonders for your wellbeing and see you kick professional goals.

Neha Kale

Neha Kale is a freelance writer and editor who covers business, technology, arts and culture for publications in Australia and overseas.

Image: Greg Knapp, Flickr Creative Commons license

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