Time-saving technologies for small business owners

Lisa Cugnetto

“I have plenty of time on my hands,” said no small business owner ever. Running your own show often means you can be short on time and high on things to do. Here are four time-saving technologies to help you save precious minutes where you can.


Your days of manually entering your expenses on Excel spreadsheets are over with Expensify. Free for personal use, this expense reporting solution allows you to ditch the paper receipts and take it all online. There’s an accompanying smartphone app for taking photos of receipts and a function that allows you to forward email receipts, trip itineraries and the like, from which Expensify automatically scans and inputs receipt details.

Expensify can export expenses directly from your bank account, allows you to track millage and log and bill time directly to clients. Best of all it turns your expenses into detailed reports with the click of a button, with the bonus of financial analytics.


A free online project management and tasks tool that is a dream for those that love lists. Visual and easy to use, Trello allows users to create ‘boards’ – for personal use or to share with others – and add ‘cards’ to them for anything that needs to be done.

Users can make lists and labels, file them, comment, add notes, checklists and due dates, and upload files from their computers' Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. Trello updates in real time and syncs across all devices, including tablets, smartphones and computers.


If you’re the kind of person who constantly forgets their passwords and hates logging in and out of sites, then LastPass, a free, secure password manager, is here to help. It works by storing your passwords in a secure online ‘vault’ and automatically signs in for you when you visit your nominated sites – like banks, online stores, email accounts, social media and more. It can be accessed on and syncs across all your devices – all you need to do is remember your master password!


If time management isn’t your forte then the 30/30 app may be the solution. This free, easy to use app is based on the premise that people concentrate better when they focus all their attention on one task for 30 minutes. This app lets you allocate time blocks (of 30 minutes up to three hours) to different tasks, with the view to help you better manage your time and work to deadlines.

Lisa Cugnetto

Lisa Cugnetto is a Sydney-based freelance writer, editor and content producer. While she writes across all manner of subjects, she enjoys business, arts, travel, lifestyle and popular culture best.